EarthArtBeat Festival

Moora Moora, 17-19 November 2017

About Moora Moora

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Vaughan Beveridge

Introducing: Vaughan Beveridge presents ...Suspended and framed. A visual diary of steel sculpture, constructed from recycled and scavenged materials. Cathartic exploration of concept and style. 


Julia Shub

I'm not what you think, forget your preconceived notions, like everyone- I fit no box, and who said I wanted to be put in a box in the first place?

Moora Moora Member

Jeremy Shub

Jeremy Shub a member of Moora Moora. 

He sculpts minimal forms in wood, mostly cypress and chestnut, using a chainsaw to get the initial shape. His sculptural forms have been influenced by the philosophy of Plato and his notion of archetypal shapes. In this regard, Jeremy has explored the female form, always looking for its essence. 


Melissa Shemanna


Melissa Shemanna is a Visionary Artist who is based at Moora Moora. Painting for over 20 years, and bringing her spiritual path into realisation and form through her painting and Yoga practice.

As an artist, Melissa's intention is passionately felt and offered through her delving deeply into the cosmic spiral to find the zero point source of creation and emerge from the journey with offerings from her left-handed brush, dipped in heart pigment and light filament, lovingly churned with the milk of the cosmos.

The amazing Melissa Shemanna from the Honey Bee Temple will be curating our exhibition and displaying her Visionary Paintings.

curator of the EarthArtBeat Visionary arts - The Honeybee Temple

Shane Cody

Artist Shane Cody is a steel welding artist, inspired by historical folklore and the earth, Shane brings fantasy with steel.  Come see his sculpture adorning the festival.