EarthArtBeat Scultural Installations

Scroll down to see all the amazing sculptural installtions on exhibition at our festival!

Woven Galaxy of Knowledge


An interactive art installation by Dianna Tarr & Alexia Maddox

The 'Woven Galaxy of Knowledge' interactive installation is a meeting place that crosses cultures and symbolizes a place and space for the sharing of knowledge about the human/natural world relationship.  Four differing worldviews are signified by ‘woven arms’ of the installation, which also incorporate images relating to these perspectives.  In the centre is a stone circle, and here we find a small library that offers written stories of human relationships with the natural world.  It calls on participants to share their stories by writing in the books provided.  The whole work acts as a repository and sharing space for memory and knowledge.

The Whale of a Time

The Whale of a Time;  is a large sculptural installation by a group of artists that originally created it for the Burning Seed festival 2019. It is a chill space to sit inside its belly and hang out! its large scale whale bones made from wood are a beautiful frame for the blue whale skin fabric that surrounds it. Come sit inside the whale belly!

Mushrooms of light


May Baker Fohring

is creating some special magical mushroom lights to grace the EarthArtBeat festival grounds! They are made form paper mache' and light fixtures!


Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 10.58.48 pm

Photographic projections by Jasper Lepani for Dream Rxlty

The universe is my palate and I am guiding the imagination to see this particular portion of life in a stylized and evocative way. But these are also the moments we freeze frame on, we hold onto that visual memory and make it so much better than it really was. My art is a representation of this nostalgia; The memories our dreams are made of.

- Jasper Lepani


Insta: @dream_rxlty