Interactive Arts dome: a hive of creative energy & a dream-seed pollinator space!

Arts Gallery, Live Painting each night, Talks and workshops offered daily!

Omniculture Arts Dome whats on; is included in the main EAB program.

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Visionary Artists: Live Painting Fri & Sat Nights

Melissa Shemanna Live painting

Melissa Shemanna, Stiff Ives, Katia Honour, Messiah Visionary Art, Rebekah Hayden and others..

Rainforest Action Group Talk on Ecuador  with Rebekah Hayden




Saturday 3.30-4.30pm

Rebekah Hayden is a member of the Rainforest Action Group (MRAG:Melbourne), an organisation that seeks to make mining companies accountable for their actions both in Australia and overseas. MRAG focuses predominantly on Australian mining companies in Ecuador, and carries out advocacy, research and education, working closely with Indigenous groups and environmental associations in Ecuador.

Rebekah Hayden's talk will share why Ecuador is so important, discuss what Australian companies are doing there, and how MRAG is helping local communities fight against the rising tide of neo-colonialism in their country.

The Rainforest Action Group (Melbourne) undertakes research, education, advocacy work, and non-violent direct action to halt the massive expansion of mining in Ecuador. We are committed to securing the earth's ecological future and a sustainable and equitable society through supporting indigenous self-determination and alliances between indigenous organisations in Australia and abroad.

Our current campaign focus is halting the massive expansion of mining, oil and gas production in Ecuador. In addition, MRAG also examines the role of governments and their various trade agencies, and international institutions like the World Bank, in facilitating the wanton destruction of rainforests across the globe.

We are committed to a process of decolonization and peaceful coexistence between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, communities and nations through creative co-resistance to colonialism and its manifestations of patriarchy, capitalism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, western privilege and corporate hegemony.

Great Forest National Park - What it means for our region with Sarah Rees



Saturday 4.45-5.45pm

ACT NOW! Adam Menary with My Climate Action



Saturday 2.25 - 3.25pm

Dr Natasja Fox



SUNDAY 12.30 - 1.30pm.

As a complex and delicate system, it’s easy to be off the mark when trying to fix digestive complaints. There is a lot of misinformation about the gut so learn from a clinician with 15 years’ experience working with digestive disorders.

This talk will break down the organs involved in digestion and absorption, their function and how they can develop pathology.

Learn about food sensitivities – How to discover which foods are causing your issues and why, and individualized approach to treatment.

  • Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, the signs, and symptoms.
  • How your digestive system can become dysfunctional
  • The link between digestive health, mood, inflammation, the immune system, and autoimmunity.
  • Intestinal permeability – what is it, how it occurs and how to fix.
  • The Gut biome – What effects gut bacteria


Dr.Natasja Fox (TCM) is a registered Chinese medical doctor and works with evidence-based nutrition.  She began her seven-year double major bachelor in health science in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine in 1999 and began studying at ACNEM in Evidence-Based Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 2013. She has done units in primary nutrition,  female hormonal health, thyroid, and adrenal conditions, gut conditions, allergy, dermatology and autoimmune. She has been treating health conditions since 2004 and has extensive experience and training in Shen Yang Hospital and treating hundreds of patients in north-east India.

Using her TCM diagnostic skills and modern pathology she can get to the root of her client’s ailments. With a mixture of diet, lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, and herbs she can relieve most ailments.


Tim Howden: Eluvi


Tim Howden- ELUVI Health Clinic Healesville; Supporting Health in climate crisis- specific pathways


Saturday 10.30 - 11.30am.

Codes of the Maya- Community living in Natural Time with Maya 7 Sun

Omniculture Arts Dome: SUNDAY 11am-12 Noon

Maya Seven Sun is a Holistic Healer, Writer, Astrologer, Psychic Intuitive Telepath, New Time Artist & Code Keeper of the Tun Uc/Dreamspell. Galactic Maya 5th Century Mexico.
Passionate about "Natural Time" and reconnecting the Body Systems of Mind, Heart, Spirit in alignment with Earths "Natural Cycles via the 13 Moon Calendar.
Maya has dedicated the past 20 years to practicing, teaching, researching and further exploring the History of the Mayan Culture,in particular the 5th Century Mayan Tomb of Pakal Votan @ Palenque, Mexico.
Maya participated in the worlds 1st Global Telepathic Meditation ~ The Rainbow Bridge Rinri Project 1997- 2013,  Initiated by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles in 1997. 
Maya research and practice modalities work with DNA Activation, Genetic Healing, PTSD/Trauma Recovery,  Earth's Electromagnetics, Telepathy, Timetravel, Inner Earth Mysteries and the Destruction of the Planet Maldek
Maya 7 Suns is offering a special workshop in the weeks after Earthartbeat Fesival for any one wantong to go deeper.
16-17th Nov 2019.
Im so excited to rekindle our Dream Weave by returning to Melbourne for Earth Wizards Lounge and dropping deeper into teaching you how to align with natural time via the Mayan Codes in everyday life.
The Beautiful Herb Cottage in Upper Ferntree Valley ~ Details of address will be given when you pay for workshop
Time: 10:00-5:30pm each day, ps day two usually goes until 6!
Cost of Workshop is as follows.
Full 2 days = $300 (Early Bird Price Closes 5th Nov)
Bookings after 5th Nov Workshop will be $350.
If you wish to only participate in 1 day
Day 1  Beginners ~ 16th Nov  $150 ( Early Bird Price ~ closes 5th Nov)
Bookings after 5th Nov will be $200.
I so look forward to seeing you there. By the time we connect we would have just been through another intense 10 day cycle 26th Oct  - 5th Nov, so I'm  looking forward to sharing some great body mind integration practices with you including meditations you can use when things get intense.  Stay calm beautiful people. Please send your confirmation to attend workshop via email and I will send you bank details. If you wish to pay a deposit to secure your place and pay on the day we can organise that too if you send email. All deposits are non-refundable 🙂
Workshop includes Full colour workbook which need to be printed so please let me know in plenty of time that you will be attending xx thanks for understanding.
Things to bring
Coloured Pencils
An open mind and open heart.
we only have around 13 places xx 

Extinction Rebellion: Katta ODonnell


Heading for extinction and what to do about it - EarthArtBeat



Life on Earth is in crisis. Biodiversity loss. Crop failure. Social and ecological collapse. Mass extinction. We are running out of time, and our Government has failed to act. So we must rise up and take action.

Extinction Rebellion is a movement in which people from all walks of life can come together in order to ensure action on the climate emergency as well as creating a strong community of love and support for each other so that we can be united and strong as we move forward.


At EarthArtBeat we will be having a casual introduction talk about what Extinction Rebellion does and how we do it. We welcome everyone and all parts of everyone. We are in confusing times but it makes much more sense to be in it together.