We welcome kids of all ages!  We offer whole lot of fun for the younger generation who come and participate in EarthArtBeat Festival! We need to nurture these kids, as they will be our next level leaders some day and hopefully protect our Earth and people.

We have some original, quirky & fun activities for kids to thrive and come home with the biggest smile!!

**Kids must stay within Festival Area and be supervised by parents at all times. Please know that your child's safety is Your responsibility. Helmets MUST be worn if riding. Esp at Skate Park.

In ground Trampoline

Tennis Court

Skate Park

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Woody's World

Woody's World creates colourful and meaningful music, live shows and digital content for children and families. Picture a teddy bears picnic at Woodstock, or a musical calaboration between Dr Seuss, Oliver Twist and the Muppets - now you're close to imagining Woody's World.


Clay Play

with Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley artists Dakini Maddock and Lucy Pierce


Seriously Fun Games for Kids- G I A N T games with Melanie Allen


K I D S  Y O G A - With Fiona Fillipi

An special experience for all kids to have a yoga practice that is so much fun, encouraging and also empowering


Kids Craft with Laura Entwined


Primal Play

Friendly playful wrestling with Tom Hope


Playfighting is friendly playful wrestling. Our experience of playfighting is a deep sense of reconnection with primal instincts - and a sense of liberation, wild freedom and self-respect.

Open to all people, genders, skills and abilities. Not only can you have heaps of fun, you will also learn about your body and develop physical agility.

Please come at the start as we will do some warm ups and discuss important rules safety guidelines for playfighting. If you miss warm-up and safety guidelines you cannot participate. Therefore please arrive on time.

Rules: This workshop has a zero alcohol and drugs rule. If you have been using alcohol or drugs you are definitely not allowed to participate in this workshop.

Gentle class: kid friendly. Women friendly. Kids must come an adult or guardian who can be constantly available to observe and offer support.
Dynamic class: open to adults of both genders.

Bring loose, comfortable clothing and a water bottle.

Limited to 30 people max

Brought to you by Tom

Tom has been playfighting ever since he first watched Monkey Magic on television at the age of four. Now he teaches movement as medicine, enabling and sharing alternatives to the dangers of sedentary living.
He is also an acrobat, contact improviser, yogi and creative therapist.

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Dutchies Delights

Macrame crafts for everyone.