JonRa will be bringing us live digital projection art as our main stage VJ !

JonRa Seward

Jono Seward (AKA JonRa) is a self-taught creative visionary with 25+ years of unique creative experimentation and exploration and expression.  By combining old multi-media and new digital media he has produced a prolific body of work and medias now synthesised with digital video media and projection mapping.
To control video projections in real time of various visions/scenes, he has embraced VJ software and digital projections.  Having spent a lot of his life away from the city and in more natural environments he has a great love for nature and the ecology of this country.  This theme plays out in the evolution of his works with much video content taken from nature.  He hopes to inspire others to create art for themselves and encourage them to see the world through the eyes of a child again.
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