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Brewers of Lip-smacking Kombucha

We brew a delicious range of kombucha, shipped straight to your home or available at your local health food store.

Shipping Throughout Australia

Good Brew Crew

The Good Brew Company is dedicated to an environmental and socially sustainable future. We offer sustainable solutions for breweries, beer and appreciators alike.

Based in Brunswick VIC, The Good Brew Company provides delicious beverages throughout Australia. We ship all of our products to everywhere possible in Australia; whether you’re near the top of Queensland or at the bottom of Western Australia, we’ll help get a Good Brew to you.

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Coffee Rider and Co

Speciality Coffee roasted by industry beans served on a purpose-built Scandinavian cargo bike.
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Broken Back Wine

Broken Back Wine is possibly the smallest commercial vineyard in the Yarra Valley. With six varieties of grape grown on just two one acre blocks in Healesville and Seville, Broken Back Wine produces an impressive variety of still and sparkling wines. This includes a unique Austrian wine locally known as Roohoodler. In the words of Peter Preuss, “our wines are almost organic and we use minimal preservatives. So Broken Back Wines are OK, as in Organic… Kinda”. Broken Back Wine will be available for tasting and sale at Little Yarra Market.
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Susanna Luebbers Catering

Celebrating food as a joyful expression of art, spirit and health

Eating organic, seasonal, locally grown foods is good for our bodies and for the environment. And it tastes better! We believe that conservation is not only important for the earth and our community, but can lead to some amazing eating experiences!



Transylvanian Street Food

Traditional, authentic flavoured Romanian street food, Goulash and Voulash (vegan)

Slow/firecooked by a master Chef Rares.


Indian Hot-Food cafe

Delicious Indian food cooked with love
A variety of traditional dishes to suit everyone!


EarthHeart Foundation Fundraiser.

Biodynamic and organic only.