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NOV 8-10th 2019

Music : Art : Community

EarthArtBeat Festival is a special biennial event,

presented by Earthheart Foundation at Moora Moora Community in the Yarra Valley, VIC.

Its a non-for-profit, off grid, solar powered, family friendly, camp out!

EarthArtbeat is a celebratory, transformational and healing event,

intended to connect people and place,

whilst deepening the soul of community


Be soul-shaken by a world of music & rhythm


Be inspired by visionary art, sculpture & film


Learn new skills for your future


Delicious Ethical Food and Drinks Available


Inspiring speakers on a range of topics

Tours of the largest solar training centre in the southern hemisphere.


Delicious Ethical Food and Drinks Available


Special Tours of Moora Moora Community

What to bring, directions etc

EarthArtBeat Festival is in support of community development and social change for the way we live on this planet.

Come and experience 3 days of camping at Moora Moora Intentional Community on the summit of stunning Mt Toolebewong, in the Yarra Valley VIC.

EarthArtBeat Festival is created by the Earthheart Foundation, a Not for Profit foundation made up of members of Moora Moora Co-operative, with the intention of promoting earth friendly living and social cohesion.

EarthArtBeat Festival promotes living together on Community and opens the doors for the wider community to experience this beautiful environment.

EarthArtBeat appreciate that this festival is held on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people.  We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.  We acknowledge the pain endured by our indigenous families and strive for a healing future.

Supported by Yarra Ranges Council

Profits from this festival will support several Not for Profit groups:

Earth- we are choosing to support Upper Yarra Wildlife Rescue

Art- We will support Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley

Beat- the beat of the sun! We will support Healesville CORE - renewable energies

% of ticket profits will support Indigenous Scholarships via Humanitix

Nikki Hicsa

Nikki Madgwick

Nikki is a young proud Worimi-Biripi from coastal NSW woman who works and lives on Wurundjeri Country.
As a child Nikki’s mother, a member of Stolen Generations, would read poems to her in lieu of bed time stories – this is where Nikki’s passion for poetry began. While her English skills where behind in School, Nikki continued to write her poems as a form of therapeutic release. After discovering a passion for reading as a teen, Nikki’s literacy improved and with the support of some of her teachers, Nikki decided to major in Literature at ACU.
She has been performing poetry to audiences at Spoken Word nights since October 2016 – this is where she developed her public speaking skills which has led to many professional opportunities since.
Nikki describes her writing as raw and honest. Her dream is to become published poet and author, as well as an Indigenous rights activist.

Woody's World


Woody's World creates colourful and meaningful music, live shows and digital content for children and families. Picture a teddy bears picnic at Woodstock, or a musical calaboration between Dr Seuss, Oliver Twist and the Muppets - now you're close to imagining Woody's World.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.49.56 AM
Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.53.15 AM

Soul Dance


The intention of Soul Dance is to provide a space to shake off your week, dance however your body wants to move, and let go through a fun physical movement practice. It can be deeply relaxing, energising, and releasing. Each week is slightly different, facilitated by a different member of the Soul Dance committee or a guest. See you on the dance floor.

Art Explosion

Melissa Shemanna A3 Prints

Melissa Shemanna

M E L I S S A  S H E M A N N A - A R T I S T  B I O 2019

Visionary artist, curator and cultural art activist, Melissa Shemanna’s paintings invoke a vision for an enlightened planet. As an artist dedicated to reviving some of the old masters painting techniques of egg tempera & oil glazing, Melissa produces beautiful luminosity in her work. Paintings that excavate the bones of ancient tradition, layered and blended with futuristic lenses of hyper colour. Shemanna brings raw and original energy to her paintings and offers detailed symbolic story through her sensual expressions of embodiment, rich and pulsing with a larger perspective on life, that is portrayed with a feminine power, and graphic boldness. She is known for her ability to "bring intimate vision to the light of inspiration" . Melissa is the founder of an arts based NGO service to humanity enterprise called; Vision Create Pollinate Foundation (Art Innovating Enlightenment). She is also an arts event manager & gallery curator. Melissa aims to contribute towards a thriving sustainable arts culture that benefits ecological and cultural factors. 




Vaughan Beveridge

Welded found object steel artworks made on the mountain by mountain of a mountain man.  Vaughn Beveridge produces nature inspired art, art of light, texture and steel.
Vaughan Beveridge artist
Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.52.17 PM

JonRa Seward

Jono Seward (AKA JonRa) is a self-taught creative visionary with 25+ years of unique creative experimentation and exploration and expression.  By combining old multi-media and new digital media he has produced a prolific body of work and medias now synthesised with digital video media and projection mapping.
To control video projections in real time of various visions/scenes, he has embraced VJ software and digital projections.  Having spent a lot of his life away from the city and in more natural environments he has a great love for nature and the ecology of this country.  This theme plays out in the evolution of his works with much video content taken from nature.  He hopes to inspire others to create art for themselves and encourage them to see the world through the eyes of a child again.

Adrienne Kneebone

About me
Adrienne Kneebone has lived, created and taught fibre art for the last 19 years. She has created remote Indigenous community-building fibre initiatives which have travelled to Indonesia, China, and back home to Federation Square. Her passion for making extends to her love of igniting creative fire in her students. She currently teaches Basketry at Ceres Environment Park, Box Hill TAFE and her home studio located in the Yarra Valley as well as various school incursions and national festivals.

Adrienne Kneebone
Dragon Cheri

Cheri Rose

Cheri Rose; Dragon Mother of the Great Southern Land. In her rockery, at the foothills of the ancient Strzelecki Mountains, Cheri forms scale from paper and bone from wire. Taking that which has been cast aside, all the recycled materials precious few give second thought to. Shaping beings from both fantasy and nightmare and gives wings to dreams themselves. When night time comes she casts her magic with energies gathered from the sun and focused into solar lights and lasers, really brings them to life. With each piece unique and crafted with the loving care of a stargazer, returning to nature that which was produced from it, she seeks to inspire and delight her fellow romantics and fantasizers with her own brand of magic.


Moora Moora EarthArtBeat festival includes a huge range of activities for all ages and tastes.

Solar Microgrid Tours

Moora Moora Community Tours

Check out our living library!

Share stories of community by borrowing a human ‘book’ for a 20 minute chat. Our volunteer ‘books’ have a wealth of perspectives on community living.  Learn from their experience and ask them your burning questions about living in community.

Information on our living library books and how to book a time to ‘borrow’ your favourite ‘book’ will be added to the site as information becomes available.

Intentional Communities Gathering and talks- including PEACE Farm, Murundaka, Commonground and other intentional communities.

Weaving Workshop with Adrienne Kneebone

Macrame Workshop with Dutchies Delights

Clay Play with Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley artists Dakini Maddock and Lucy Pierce

Qi Gong- with Paul Bedson

Singing Workshop- with Santha Press

Seriously Fun Games- giant games with Melanie Allen

Dance Workshop- with Sharni Steel

Kids Yoga- Fiona Fillipi


Workshops, film and much more

Learn more about the location at Moora Moora Co-operative Community

Yarra Ranges Council

EarthArtBeat Festival are extremely grateful to Yarra Ranges Council for supporting our festival via their festivals grants.

EarthArtBeat appreciate that this festival is held on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people.  We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.  We acknowledge the pain endured by our indigenous families and strive for a healing future.

EarthArtBeat is a safe and inclusive space for all people.

Aboriginal flag
Torres Strait Flag