Moora Moora Earth Artbeat Festival Yarra Valley


Enjoy  connecting on the majestic mountain-top


Be inspired by visionary art, sculpture & film


Be soul-shaken by world of music & rhythm

Off-the-grid and renewable

In support of social change

Family Friendly


EarthArtBeat Festival is in support of community development and social change and is a Family Friendly event.

3 days of camping at Moora Moora Intentional Community on the summit of stunning Mt Toolebewong.

EarthArtBeat Festival is created by the Earthheart Foundation, a Not for Profit foundation made up of members of Moora Moora Co-operative, with the intention of promoting earth friendly living and social cohesion.

EarthArtBeat Festival promotes living together on Community and opens the doors for the wider community to experience this beautiful environment.

Proceeds from this festival will support several Not for Profit groups:

Earth- we are choosing to support Upper Yarra Wildlife Rescue

Art- We will support Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley

Beat- the beat of the sun! We will support Healesville CORE - renewable energies

100% of ticket proceeds will support Indigenous Scholarships via Humanitix

Musical Mosaic

Ungus Ungus Ungus

Hold onto your hats as Ungus Ungus Ungus, Australia’s premier peddlers of vaudevillian psychedelia, strap you in for a rollercoaster ride of dance and mayhem. This is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined, traversing territory from global dance beats to swing, jazz and hip-hop. Featuring mind-tickling on-stage antics and a bold visual presence, their cosmic circus is on a mission to make you boogie, gawp and expand your perceptual horizons. Their fifth album, The Cosmic Carnival Part II: Ascension (2018) is the sequel to The Cosmic Carnival (2016). Both are concept albums designed to accompany their swinging sci-fi concept show that has been destroying dancefloors across Australia and New Zealand for the past five years. The most recent release sees the band venture far deeper on their exploration of vintage futurism through a fusion of rich acoustic instrumentation with electronic grooves and the familiar mix of world music, swing, hip-hop, and the sounds of the carnival.
Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.44.50 PM
Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.37.25 PM

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Notey likes single frequencies. Noisy likes as many frequencies as possible, but the perfect note and noise have always eluded them. 
So they visit a wise chap called Knowsy to try to work it out, but soon find out that music physics is a series of near misses, shifting sands and slippery slopes: Nature's cheeky like that!

Join Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan, for this 70 minute show, where the two of them play 7 characters in the style of a radio play. Imagine a mongrel mix of the Goons, Victor Borge, Jacob Collier and Julius Sumner Miller.

This is a show to tickle your brain and enliven your curiosity. A show for nerds of all ages, although not really recommended for under 12s due to its complexity.

"I didn't understand it all, but it made me feel clever!" -audient

Ganga Giri

A didgeridoo virtuoso and innovator, who fuses this ancient instrument with electronic production and vocals, this music is about connecting to culture.

Ganga Giri started playing the drum kit at eight years old, and has travelled the world learning, studying tabla in India, and using a range of percussion instruments on stage, including djembe and congas as part of his rhythmic beat driven style.

Descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania, Ganga has taken dance-floors of the world by storm with his unique Australian sound; modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music.

With eleven albums to date, and two decades of touring across Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, New Zealand and into Asia, Ganga has performed everywhere from large outdoor festivals to dance clubs, outdoor arenas, hidden caves and sacred temples.

Ganga is also a founder of Didgeridoo Australia, a company that creates Aboriginal incursions and cultural experiences for schools, businesses and for corporate entertainment.

Ganga Giri’s act can have many incarnations; from one-man band to a multi-member dynamic ensemble including
indigenous dancers and a full multimedia show. Ganga Giri on stage is modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music, using driving percussive, didgeridoos, congas, djembe, vocals, and original beats using laptop and loops.
His dynamic sets create dance floors with a sense of community, uniting everyone with the high energy of his beats.

Aishah Espinosa

Performing with Ganga Giri, also launching her solo career as we speak.

Ganga Giri
Aisha photo
the pirateska rebellion

The Pirateska Rebellion

Comprising of talent from all over the globe, The Pirate Ska Rebellion fuses Ska, dub, Reggae, hip hop and Latin influences to create a forcefully spirited musical experience. This eclectic outfit is newly formed with members from Chile, Italy, Scotland, Brazil and Australia combining their individual styles, musical inspirations and poetic lyricism. The sound can be punchy and uplifting and at times vigorous and heartening. The Pirate Ska Rebellion is an exhilarating force that will have the dance floor thrumming.

Band Members
Juan Pirata CHILE (Uke/Voice)
Dandelion Jackson AUSTRALIA (Sax/Voice)
Stefano Ioele ITALY (Bass)
David Upward SCOTLAND (Electric Guitar)
Renato Ferrari BRAZIL (Keyboards)
Willy Viran CHILE (Latin percussion)
Emilio Miguel Carné Saba CHILE (Drumkit)
Jorge Bravo CHILE(Trumpet)

The Anecdote Healesville

The Anecdote

The Anecdote are a captivating, virtuosic, and fire-spirited indie-folk trio. With cello, trumpet, percussion and soaring vocals, their music is a marriage of finely-sculptured songs, poetic wordsmithery, fiery improvising and spacious interweaving. Drawing from elements of folk, world music, reggae, jazz and singer/songwriting, The Anecdote enchant with their one-of-a-kind songs, instrumentation and profound emotional depth. They are a stunning live experience.

Since forming in 2014, The Anecdote and have become a seasoned festival act, releasing their haunting debut album ‘Carved Upon The Air’ before touring the East Coast and performing at festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Folk Rhythm and Life and more.

Dj O-Ring

Dj O-Ring brings some serious ghetto funk, infused with his insane drumming talent, it is impossible to be idle during this performance.  Inspired by original 70's Funk, Hip Hop, Big Bass and more.


Saffron Connection Melbourne

Saffron Connection

East meets West- Greek and Balkan melodies reconnect with India in a modern context through ancient echoes. An appreciation of our unique musical cultures.
East meets West – Greek & Balkan reconnect with India in a modern context through ancient echoes. Saffron Connection is an appreciation of the unique relationships of Indian-Greek, Indian-Balkan & Greek-Balkan musical cultures. Saffron Connection members have performed at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Lonsdale St Greek Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Bello-Fest, Seven Sisters Festival, Queen Vic Night Market, Sharvan Festival (India) and National Folk Festival.
Sarita McHarg is a sitarist and vocalist. At the age of 14, she began learning singing, giving her a strong base in Indian light classical and the folk traditions of Malwa and Kabeer.
Byron Triandafyllidis is a Greek-Australian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, well-versed in Greek, Middle Eastern and Balkan music traditions.
Basil is a trumpet player and educator who plays Balkan, Turkish and soul music.

The Imprints

The Imprints are an Australian duo creating dreamy dance music consisting of Willow Stahlut and Linden Lester. Armed with a violin, synth and various FX pedals, Willow creates deep sub bass lines and weaves a melodic tapestry beautifully complemented by Linden’s visceral energetic approach to the drums.

‘A natural chemistry on stage’ Raindrops and Rooftops
Playing together for six years, the duo has honed their signature sound, a kaleidoscopic burst of otherworldly dance music, created with live looping and sampling every time they perform. Their use of layering and build-ups to intensify the hefty bass drop has festival crowds buzzing. Inspired musically by their travels around the world The Imprints draw inspiration from the traditional music of Africa, India and Eastern Europe as well as reggae, dub and various electronic music styles.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.44.06 AM

Mr Manifold and the Resolution

Introducing the multiverse of Electric-Funk-Hop that is Mr. Manifold and the Resolution. A polychromatic synthesis of beats, vox and horns, painting with wavelengths and sculpting with frequencies. This party of performers brings the stage to life with sonorous vocals, soaring saxophone, weeping guitar, bottomless bass and ferocious poetry fired with sensational zeal, that will get the crowd jumping and the heart thumping. Mr. Manifold and the Resolution is a pure manifestation of entertainment as all the members are resolved to giving everyone a good time.
Mr. Manifold himself can be found wielding the guitar in the live show but when he is not strumming on stage he is constructing the basis for back beats that are the back-bone of this multidimensional sound.

Woody's World


Woody's World creates colourful and meaningful music, live shows and digital content for children and families. Picture a teddy bears picnic at Woodstock, or a musical calaboration between Dr Seuss, Oliver Twist and the Muppets - now you're close to imagining Woody's World.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.49.56 AM
Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.53.15 AM

Soul Dance


The intention of Soul Dance is to provide a space to shake off your week, dance however your body wants to move, and let go through a fun physical movement practice. It can be deeply relaxing, energising, and releasing. Each week is slightly different, facilitated by a different member of the Soul Dance committee or a guest. See you on the dance floor.

Art Explosion

Melissa Shemanna A3 Prints

Melissa Shemanna

M E L I S S A  S H E M A N N A - A R T I S T  B I O 2019

Visionary artist, curator and cultural art activist, Melissa Shemanna’s paintings invoke a vision for an enlightened planet. As an artist dedicated to reviving some of the old masters painting techniques of egg tempera & oil glazing, Melissa produces beautiful luminosity in her work. Paintings that excavate the bones of ancient tradition, layered and blended with futuristic lenses of hyper colour. Shemanna brings raw and original energy to her paintings and offers detailed symbolic story through her sensual expressions of embodiment, rich and pulsing with a larger perspective on life, that is portrayed with a feminine power, and graphic boldness. She is known for her ability to "bring intimate vision to the light of inspiration" . Melissa is the founder of an arts based NGO service to humanity enterprise called; Vision Create Pollinate Foundation (Art Innovating Enlightenment). She is also an arts event manager & gallery curator. Melissa aims to contribute towards a thriving sustainable arts culture that benefits ecological and cultural factors.

Vaughan Beveridge

Welded found object steel artworks made on the mountain by mountain of a mountain man.  Vaughn Beveridge produces nature inspired art, art of light, texture and steel.
Vaughan Beveridge artist
Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.52.17 PM

JonRa Seward

Mind Bending projections on the Main Stage making the magical even more magical!

Adrienne Kneebone

About me
Adrienne Kneebone has lived, created and taught fibre art for the last 19 years. She has created remote Indigenous community-building fibre initiatives which have travelled to Indonesia, China, and back home to Federation Square. Her passion for making extends to her love of igniting creative fire in her students. She currently teaches Basketry at Ceres Environment Park, Box Hill TAFE and her home studio located in the Yarra Valley as well as various school incursions and national festivals.

Adrienne Kneebone


Moora Moora EarthArtBeat festival includes a huge range of activities for all ages and tastes.

Solar Microgrid Tours

Moora Moora Community Tours

Check out our living library!

Share stories of community by borrowing a human ‘book’ for a 20 minute chat. Our volunteer ‘books’ have a wealth of perspectives on community living.  Learn from their experience and ask them your burning questions about living in community.

Information on our living library books and how to book a time to ‘borrow’ your favourite ‘book’ will be added to the site as information becomes available.

Intentional Communities Gathering and talks- including PEACE Farm, Murundaka, Commonground and other intentional communities.

Weaving Workshop with Adrienne Kneebone

Macrame Workshop with Dutchies Delights

Clay Play with Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley artists Dakini Maddock and Lucy Pierce

Qi Gong- with Paul Bedson

Singing Workshop- with Santha Press

Seriously Fun Games- giant games with Melanie Allen

Dance Workshop- with Sharni Steel


Workshops, film and much more

Learn more about the location at Moora Moora Co-operative Community

Yarra Ranges Council

EarthArtBeat Festival are extremely grateful to Yarra Ranges Council for supporting our festival via their festivals grants.

EarthArtBeat appreciate that this festival is held on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people.  We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.  We acknowledge the pain endured by our indigenous families and strive for a healing future.

EarthArtBeat is a safe and inclusive space for all people.

Aboriginal flag
Torres Strait Flag