Melissa Shemanna Visionary Nectar


Jamie Cortorillo

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Vaughan Beveridge

Introducing: Vaughan Beveridge presents …Suspended and framed. A visual diary of steel sculpture, constructed from recycled and scavenged materials. Cathartic exploration of concept and style.

Julia Shub

I’m not what you think, forget your preconceived notions, like everyone- I fit no box, and who said I wanted to be put in a box in the first place?


Shane Cody

Shane cody

Rebekah Hayden

Rebekah’s paintings reflect her beautiful selfless nature.  Rebekah writes and paints with visionary wild abandon that translates so beautifully into tangible and attractive pieces of art.
i lose my head and my legs
… but i still have my wings

Dhaiyana Moonsage Babaev

 Visionary Art Painter and Creatress of divine wearable art.Life is magic
Art is magic
As we is through our journeys, in our vessels.
Ising is all we can be
Like a star in our midnight skies
Guided by the moons light
We are the stars that glisten
Shining our harmonious light through darkness
Just like magic

~ Dhaiyana Babaev

Sean Marler

Environmental Activist Sean Marler will take you on a photographic journey of his epic kayak trip where he paddled from Melbourne to Tasmania.
Sean Marler is famous for his COGF- Cycle for Old Growth tour and many other epic activist adventures.

More artists and samples of their works coming soon…come back to check it out.