Intentional Communities Gathering

We will host a series of workshops/ question/ answer space with PEACE Farm Community, Murundaka Co housing Community, Commonground Community and of course Moora Moora.  If’ you’ve ever wondered if community living is for you, or wondered what special aspects these communities host, here’s your chance to meet the folk and ask all your questions!


A fully supplied Leathercraft stall will be set-up, offering the opportunity to experience hands-on leathercraft techniques.

Mini workshops will be held every 2hrs on the hour and go for 1.5hrs.

You will experience stamping, embossing, colouring and finishing a small project. Knowledge of other techniques can also be gained.

A gold coin or two is requested, where small items such as tags, coasters and mini pouches can be easily produced in a short time.

$5 is required if you would like to make a belt.

All ages are welcome and children under the age of 10 need to be accompanied by adult.

Drop in and see Jack (Akajack’s Leathercraft) at the EarthArtBeat Festival.


Intuitive Singing Circle “the Sabda Experience”

Explore omnipresence with the sound of your soul through the vibration of voice and resonance, of the self and of the collective energy.

Tikal feels into the space and heart to hear the currents of existing songs, and in the Sabda Experience, invites us to offer creative sonic gifts through the medium of our vocal chords and our soul, to make an offering with one’s body, in elation to Source, to Creation -residing in each of us, and to celebrate the raw beauty in WHAT IS, this by purely experiencing moment to moment.

Earth heart Qi Gong

Eartheart Qigong is a blending of two traditional forms of Qigong: Baduanjin and Shibashi, with my own contemporary form called the Eartheart sequence.

These exercises have been used for centuries in China to improve the circulation of Qi and Blood, improve breathing, lift the spirits and strengthen the healing capabilities of body/mind/spirit.Qigong is also used as a moving form of meditation.The session will go for 35 minutes.

Paul Bedson is the senior therapist at the Gawler Cancer Foundation and he teaches Qigong at the Yarra Valley Living Centre to people dealing with cancer, multiple sclerosis and others in the pursuit of healing and wellbeing.

paul bedson copy

Fermented Foods with Maia

Your health is your wealth…and by learning how to use the magical microbial power of beneficial gut bacteria, you can take your health to a whole new level.

In this 45 min demonstration, Maia will explain the health benefits of fermented foods and show you how to make a simple and delicious sauerkraut.


Film – Esteem

We are lucky to have Peter Charles Downey present his very own documentary:

Australian filmmaker Peter Charles Downey takes us on a personal and cathartic journey of empowerment, redemption, and powerfully healing documentary cinema. Hurt people hurt people it’s a pattern, and hurt people will hurt the earth. But just as the pain of an artist can lead to brilliant creativity, so too can the pain of the world lead us to esteem.

Starring Subhana Barzaghi, Prof. Stuart Hill, John Seed, Carol Perry, Aladdin Jones, Elisabetta Faenza, Lenita Vangellis

Solar Tour and Talk

Glen Morris – Solar Quip- One of Australia’s leading Solar Installer Trainer will take a tour and talk about how Moora Moora Operates entirely Off Grid, and will fill you in on all the latest advancements in the Solar technologies.



The Nia Technique is an exciting new health system; a cardio-vascular fitness workout that combines dance, martial arts and healing modalities.

Classes are set to rich and diverse music, with a mixture of choreography and freedom of movement that feels creatively open, individual and grounded.

This results in an expansive and exciting self-expressive experience. Nia is about finding the joy of movement your body’s way.

When the body moves in a way that feels good, it naturally becomes stronger, more flexible and healthier.



Sound Journey

Tikal improvises a profound sound journey singing from a soul level and drumming with instruments of the ancients. Tikal sings as though a requesting for spirit guidance, she will paint a mystical soundscape and create a temple space that will allow for a profound journey into ancestral lands and soul connections. With her care for inner guidance (intuitive healing) and her passion for folk music or celebration of the spirit of Life and deep sound trance, we sit together to combine our energy into a deep sound journey. Meditating with and celebrating the sublime beauty of the already existing peace all around and within, respecting the challenges on our path and seeing them as opportunities for wisdom.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 8.11.39 PM

Skills for Community Living

Do we need skills for Community Living?

This workshop explores the needed skills for living in an intentional community. Peter is co -founder of Moora Moora Cooperative Community and Victorian President of the Sustainable Living Foundation.

Peter Cock

Healing Tent

In this special space you can access Acupressure, Shiatsu, Medical Qikung, energy Healing and Hawian Massage, with local talented healers.

Please bring extra money if you would like to access these affordably rated treatments.


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 8.18.43 PM

Using your Moon and Astrological sign to better understand yourself.

Come to better understand yourself and the way you relate to others through learning about your moon sign.  This workshop will be a fun overview of the moon and the signs that she is placed in to help you understand your instinctual responses to life and others.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 8.30.14 PM

Dutchies Delights Macrame

Join in a workshop with Dutchies Delights specialising in artistic, original macrame jewellery. Jewellery making supplies and crystals.  This fun and creative activity was a highlight at EarthArtBeat 2015, enabling you to take home your amazing creation.


Tours of Moora Moora, including houses for sale

Members of Moora Moora will take you on informative tours of one of Australias oldest and most successful communities.  You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that you have, and gain understanding of the mechanics of this beautiful community.  You will also be able to ask all the questions you have about the realities of living entirely off grid on top of a mountain. Tours will run both Saturday and Sunday to the northern and southern housing clusters on the property.


Moora Moora Market Garden Tours

Tours of our Organic Market Garden, run by Moora Moora’s own Amy and Luc- bringing organic, fresh vegetables to our table weekly.

Nectar of Life Yoga

Yoga with Hatha Yoga teacher and Moora Moora resident, Melissa Shemanna. Nectar of Life Yoga offers beginners to intermediate Yoga classes in Healesville, Victoria. Yoga is physical, mental, and spiritual practice and discipline that aims to bring together body and mind. Discover the benefits of yoga and pilates to your mind and body.

Financing and Insuring Communities

Have you ever considered how you will insure and finance your community?  Do you have issues in these areas with a community you currently reside in?

Come and learn from Mark Snell’s breadth of experience in this area.  Mark has lived on and been involved academically in communities for over 40 years.

Kids Activities

Super fun kids games by Melanie.  Tug of War, Sumo Suits, parachute games and more! Your kids will love these fun physical games.

Lilly Pily Green

We are so lucky that Lily Pilly Green of the famous Zucchini Clan will be roving for your childrens and our entertainment!

Free range music faves Zucchini Clan are redefining the concept of brilliantly inclusive “family friendly” entertainment!


PEACE Farm Mandala

Participate in the creation of one of Vicki Basdeo’s amazing PEACE Farm Mandalas. Fun and educational activity for all ages.


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.42.31 PM

Create your own Superhero

There’s nothing like being a super hero, especially in recycled wares- well now here is your opportunity to indulge your childs imagination, play with your kid and create your very own superhero version of yourself! If you feel inspired enough in your new and powerful outfit- you may even want to go in the surprise Fashion Parade!! Facilitated space by Sharni the fantastic.

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Kids nature play

Combining play, nature connection and creativity, our nature play session will indulge the senses of children aged 1-4 years old.


Beat Boxing

All ages Beat  Boxing sessions with Tom.  Co-create a poetic beat box, with the expert guidance of Tom from Moora Moora!


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