EarthHeart Foundation Inc

The EarthArtBeat Festival at Moora Moora is operated by the EarthHeart Foundation Inc, an association of members of the Moora Moora Co-operative Community.

Earthartbeat Festival

The purposes of the Foundation are:

  • To undertake activities and provide facilities, funds and services that would strengthen community connectedness and resilience.
  • To promote intentional community living, low-impact simple lifestyles, localisation and living within one’s means and by the skill of one’s own hands, and in ways that support our planetary survival.
  • To support intentional communities, especially the Moora Moora Co-operative Community Ltd.
  • To provide employment for members, non-member residents and Friends of Moora Moora, who are members of the association.
  • To follow co-operative principles in the tradition of the co-operatives movement and the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers.
  • To operate as far as possible using participatory decision-making processes.
  • To organise events such as festivals and conferences, courses and workshops and other educational and training activities.
  • To conduct agricultural activities; activities promoting health, well-being and fitness; environmental activities; and activities using low-impact technologies including owner-building with natural, non-manufactured, crafted, recycled salvaged materials, and solar and other post-carbon technologies.
  • To undertake any other activities that would promote the purposes of the association.


Moora Moora Community Development Fund

For many years Moora Moora’s Community Development Fund raised money to send to Timor Leste Community Besilau.  With these funds a soccer field was built for the kids, and solar power systems installed to replace dirty kerosene lighting.  After 10 years, we realised this project wasn’t really working, despite efforts to send solar training to Besilau to maintain the systems, they were not being maintained properly and kerosene came back into the picture.

So for the last 2 years, money from the Community Development Fund became available for local NFP groups to apply for their initiatives- a small grant scheme.

Now we are joining an Australia wide community effort to raise funds to create resources kits for Intentional 


Communities and help with the development of new communities within Australia.


This year we have decide to donate any proceeds from EarthArtBeat 2017 to Warburton Environment.


Moora Moora Co-operative Community

Moora Moora Co-operative Community Ltd is the host to and site of the EarthArtBeat Festival.

Moora Moora is a co-operative residential community made up of a diverse group of about 50 adults and 20 children, who deliberately choose to live together in six small hamlets located on a beautiful co-operatively owned 245 hectare property situated at an altitude of 700 metres on Mt Toolebewong.

Moora Moora community

The community is situated near the township of Healesville, approximately 67 km, about 90 minutes by car, to the east of the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and capital of the state of Victoria. It is located in the south eastern corner of continental Australia.

Moora Moora is private property. It is normally open to visitors only on open days which are held on the first Sunday of every month at 1.30pm, except on days of Total Fire Ban.

On these days you can join a tour of the property, meet some of the members and residents of the community and discuss Moora Moora and how they work together to manage our community and property.

The EarthArtBeat Festival provides not only the opportunities of a normal open day, an art exhibition and good music, but also to interact with Moora Moora members throughout the festival.

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